Why You Should Buy Over Renting

Why You Should Own

The Sacramento rental market is really hot right now.  Rents have been rising and if you haven’t already thought about why you should buy over renting, now is a great time to be thinking about the benefits of home ownership.  If you’re in the financial position, you really should consider purchasing a home to save in many areas!  Some of the reasons why you should buy over renting include:

  • Tax Benefits.  Did you know that you can deduct your interest and mortgage insurance?   Consult with your CPA on all of the details on this, but there are many great tax benefits of home ownership.
  • Stop paying your landlords mortgage.  You can easily calculate how much money you are paying down on your landlords mortgage… what if you took that money and instead paid off YOUR mortgage!
  • Pride in Home Ownership.  Let’s face it… it is not the greatest renting a place you can’t make any modifications or make your OWN.  Home ownership let’s you create a space and environment you’re proud to call home!

If you have the capability to do so, you definitely want to buy!  It doesn’t make sense not to if you can!  If you have any questions about the process of purchasing a home, I would love to guide you and help you find a place you can call home!

Audrey Chaney

Audrey Chaney
Realty ONE Group Complete