Why You Want To Get A Chimney Inspection

You won’t find a new home in California with a wood burning fireplace or stove these days, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  If you purchase a home with a fireplace – you might not even think twice to get a professional chimney inspection, but there are many great reasons to do so – especially for safety concerns.  To get a fireplace inspection, you will likely get quoted two different prices – an inspection on a clean fireplace and an inspection on a fireplace that needs to be cleaned to properly inspect.  You’ll be looking at less than a few hundred dollars, and something I would highly recommend having a professional look into.  This small cost is peace of mind that you don’t end up with a chimney fire that spreads to your roof and home.

So, what exactly are they looking for on a fireplace inspection?

  • The flue liner will be checked for cracking and creosote build-up as well as cracked tiles.
  • The condition of the bricks and mortar will be looked at.
  • A cap and screen on the top of the chimney will be inspected as well as flashing and tie in with the roof.
  • Doors and gaskets around doors.
  • Cleaning of the blower (if your fireplace has one).
  • Broken or deteriorated brick linking the firebox.

How often should you get your fireplace cleaned/inspected?
Built up creosote a flammable tar is the leading cause of chimney fires – so be sure to get your chimney cleaned if you are using it!  If you use your chimney often, that means likely once a year.  Consult with a professional chimney company for recommend maintenance based on your usage.

Some might think that only when purchasing a home should you get an inspection, but you should also get an inspection after an earthquake, or other large weather occurrence that could damage your chimney.