Tips to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

Here are a few tips to sell your home for top dollar.  You see, when listing your home for sale, pricing strategy is extremely important!

You have to think of your home as a product when you sell it, so you have to figure out how to attract buyers to your product.

A lot of people think they can overprice their home and then come back down on the price if they don’t get any offers, but this is a risky move.  You run the risk of alienating yourself from buyers because they simply don’t respond well to overpriced homes.  Overpricing your home out of the gate can be more harmful than accurately pricing your home to the current market value.  When potential buyers see a home that has been on the market for a long time (whether it’s overpriced or it’s not a desirable property – buyers expect and can often times command a discount)

You need to price your home at market value, and to do so, you need to look at area comparable sales. Take a look at pending sales and homes that have just sold to see what homes are selling for.

Remember the three P’s of selling: promotion, position, and pricing. When you price your home correctly, you put yourself in a good position to get multiple buyers interested, which can result in a better selling price.

There are a number of different things I can do to price your home attractively in order to bring in the largest amount of buyers possible.  I’d love to schedule a meeting to go over exactly how we can accurately price your home to get you the most offers on your property AND get your home sold fast!  I hope these tips to sell your home for top dollar were helpful.

Audrey Chaney

Audrey Chaney
Realty ONE Group Complete