Sacramento Home Selling Tips

Sacramento Home Selling Tips

Here are some Sacramento home selling tips to get you the most for your property!  Selling your home for top dollar can and will take some work. The good news is that it’s worth it, because you can sell your home for 18% more by using these six tips.

  1. Curb appeal matters. You have to entice the buyers with a nice exterior for them to want to know more about the interior. Plant flowers, mow the lawn, repaint your front door, and cleaning your windows are a few things you can do to increase interest in your home.  Be sure to also have your house numbers visible and read-able from the street!
  2. Declutter and depersonalize your home. Get rid of personal belongings such as old photos or artwork, and make sure the buyer isn’t distracted by other things like clutter on your counter tops. Show off your home and not your belongings. Rent a portable storage unit if you need to – you’re moving anyway. Depersonalize the home as well. You don’t want a buyer to feel as if they’re inside of someone else’s home. You want them to feel like they’re walking through their own home, so don’t clutter the place with your belongings. Not many buyers want to see that giant moose head on your wall. Remove any excess decor that makes your home feel smaller.
  3. Fix things and freshen up your home. Repaint rooms in a neutral color, such as earth tones. Also, fix all of the obvious things around your home such as a squeaky door or a leaky faucet. If you notice it, the buyer definitely will, too.
  4. Don’t get too emotionally involved. That is when you can make mistakes. Remember that the home really isn’t yours anymore when you’re trying to sell it.
  5. Don’t get greedy. Buyers aren’t fooled by high prices, and they simply won’t respond to high prices. Your home will sit on the market and you’ll end up with less money than if you had priced your home right to begin with.
  6. Work with a real estate agent with a solid marketing plan. Good marketing means your home will get a lot of demand, and a lot of demand means a good price for your home. I can put your home in front of thousands of eager buyers with my marketing background and tech-savvy plan!

A bonus tip is to clean your home, but I cannot stress the importance of this. Your home needs to sparkle. Cleaning can really make buyers pay a little extra, so the elbow grease is worth it in the end.

Hopefully these Sacramento home selling tips help you when prepping and preparing to sell your home!  To get professional advice, please be sure to review our Seller Page!



Audrey Chaney

Audrey Chaney
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