Why Are Fall And Winter A Good Time To Sell?

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Why might the Fall and Winter seasons be a great time to sell your home? Most people are under the impression that the Spring and Summer are the best times to sell your home because the property will look better from the outside, the days are longer, there are more buyers out looking. However, during the Winter and Fall months we have found that we get more offers at asking price or better, even with fewer showings.

One explanation for that kind of increase in high offers has to do with the fact that buyers out in the market during this time are generally very serious about buying quickly. Things like death, divorce, relocation, and downsizing are reasons to move that don’t adhere to a specific season or time of year, they could happen any time. When they happen in the Winter, people need to buy in the Winter. That’s where being on the market at this time of year has its advantage.

If you’re thinking of listing your home in the Fall or Winter, you’ll see numerous benefits to doing so. For one, homes decorated for the holidays show better because they appeal to buyers’ emotions and sense of family, both reasons that could cause them to pull the trigger. The Fall and Winter are also a good time to sell because there is less inventory to compete with. This means your home will stand out more to buyers and will also allow you to command more market value.

We generally see a ton of homes sell in the Fall and Winter season. It all comes back to those serious buyers. If someone is out and about, knocks on your door, and wants to see your house while it’s raining and days are shorter, don’t you think that person is more serious than a buyer who can cruise around in good weather, and come to your home at their leisure? It does to us, and it’s why you should consider selling this Fall or Winter.

Audrey Chaney

Audrey Chaney
Realty ONE Group Complete