5 Ways To Make Your Offer Stand Out

Make Your Offer Stand Out

In the current competitive market we are in, there are many factors that are taken into consideration when accepting an offer as a Seller in this market.  Here are 5 Ways To Make Your Offer Stand Out.  When writing an offer, as a diligent Buyers agent, I make sure to cover and assess all bases to write a strong, competitive offer to give my clients the best advantage as possible.  Here are just a few – not all of the items that are taken into consideration in writing a good offer.

Price + Financing: 

Price isn’t the only determining factor when a Seller decides on an offer to go with… sometimes it may be, but not always.  Offering something you feel comfortable with, and something that aligns with comparable or “comps” within the market are important to consider when writing an offer.  The type of financing is also a piece of consideration and the amount of down payment when viewing how strong an offer is.  As you have heard, cash is king.


Shortening up contingencies for inspections, appraisal and loan make an offer more competitive and show that you are able to work diligently to get these hurdles removed as fast as possible.

Cover Letter: 

Offering the Seller a bit of personal insight to who you and your family are helps them to connect and see how owning a home – their home is going to have a dramatic impact on your life.

Follow Up: 

Having your lender and your agent personally call and establish a relationship with the listing agent can be a great way of putting the other side at ease and let them get to know you and your working style.

Number of Days: 

The number of days for your contract, and whether or not the Buyer needs extra time outside of escrow to stay on the property are all negotiable and should be taken into consideration with their needs.  You can write a strong offer by allowing for things other than price to make your offer more enticing.

I hope these 5 Ways To Make Your Offer Stand Out help you see that real estate is a complex subject with many aspects.  There are many factors involved in writing a good, competitive offer that gets accepted.  Each situation is different and unique in itself.  I would love the opportunity of helping you write and get an offer accepted on your dream home.

Audrey Chaney

Audrey Chaney
Realty ONE Group Complete