10 Improvements That Will Increase The Value Of Your Home

Improve The Value Of Your Home

We all want to know how to increase the value of our home.  When you are finally ready to put your home on the market, you want to make sure the time and money invested in your property has paid off.  Here are 10 improvements that will increase the value of your home.

  1. Open Up The Space.  If you live in an older home – the floorplan is likely outdated. How can you give an open feel with lots of light to create a more desirable, current look?
  2. Lighten things up.  Look into the current lighting you have in your home.  Could you update and improve the lighting within your home by updating light fixtures, adding in solar tubes and/or recessed lighting?  A few updates can greatly increase your homes appeal.
  3. Stay current on Items that Need Maintenance.  Taking care of the regular maintenance your property will accrue is important and essential in keeping your property looking and functioning it’s best.  Often one problem can snowball into many other problems.
  4. Work on that Curb Appeal.  Put a few hours in here and there to keep your yard looking tip-top.  A big thing I see is that homeowner’s don’t properly trim their trees, resulting in bad form and messy situations in the future.  If you stay on top of it a little at a time, you’re less likely to have messy problems down the road.
  5. Update Flooring.  More and more buyers are enjoying the tile and wood or wood-like floor options these days.  Can your home use a little updating to refresh the floors and make them more current?
  6. Refinish Kitchen Cabinets + Countertops.  A fresh look with paintng and updated hardware can go a long way.  Be sure you refinish properly or hire a professional.  Bad cabinet paint jobs can be more of a con than a pro.
  7. Refresh with Paint.  Consider painting the walls and brightening up the space.  Neutrals are always best as it will eventually appeal to more buyers down the road.
  8. Bathroom Updates.  Out with the pre-fab and in with tile and/or something more modern.  Making your bathroom space more current will definitely pay off.
  9. Keep Your Roof in Good Condition.  A roof can be a costly expense.  Be sure to stay on top of roof repairs, maintenance and replacing as this is always a big ticket item.
  10. Cut energy costs.  Can your appliances use a face-lift?  Make sure your home is running efficiently and properly with regular maintenance or replacement of items that are old, outdated and not running to their maximum capacity.  If you’re thinking of going solar – be SURE you do your research!  A paid off unit is far more valuable than leased options which may be a huge negotiation factor and loss of profits when you go to sell.
Audrey Chaney

Audrey Chaney
Realty ONE Group Complete